Project Description

Sparrow Business and Education Center 

Lansing, MI

Completed: 2017


After a successful move for the new Sparrow Herbert-Herman Cancer Center, we were approached by another Sparrow Project Manager to move 230 people to the Sparrow Business and Education Center (SBEC). In August 2017, we began by attending regular meetings for the managers and supervisors of the 11 departments that would be moving. Move Coordinators from each department and the Sparrow Project Manager provided drawings of the origin locations and the SBEC so our Move Manager could produce color coded maps of the origins and destination. These drawings corresponded with an employee database she created with information from the department Move Coordinators. Our Move Manager arranged for rental crates and a move crew to move the billing, financial services, scheduling, and IT departments between September 19, 2017 and October 13, 2017. We received only high praise for smooth, efficient moves despite expediting one move due to failed air conditioning in an origin building.